Jubilee UMC and Broader Community

Modeled after the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference (SDPC), New Jerusalem Ministries (NJM) was birthed with the "hope and faith that the organization would focus on what was proclaimed in the fourth chapter of Luke,  to set captives free and to give liberty to those who are oppressed."  We, too, "seek to change the socio-political landscape for those in need as we continue our fervent quest and biblical directive to do justice."

With this calling, NJM boldly enters into the public square with an engaged prophetic imagination to work with clergy, organizational leaders and "everyday ordinary blues people" to bring about constructive change on behalf of vulnerable and marginalized populations in our community.  To date, we have focused on sexual and domestic violence issues; issues associated with mass incarceration and the "returning citizen" to community; and the ongoing challenges associated with poverty and its intersections with race and class. 


We champion, support and/or co-sponsor the following event(s):


North End Arts and Music Festival Extravanganza!

Friday night, August 10 and Saturday, August 11

Waterloo Center for the Arts (Friday)

Sullivan Park (Saturday)



“The Mountaintop” Play

Friday, August 24 & Saturday, August 25

7:00 PM, Waterloo Center for the Arts

Hope Martin Theatre


Cedar Valley Focus on Diabetes

Saturday, September 8

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Waterloo Center for the Arts

Petersen Town Hall and Law Court Theatre


Criminal Justice Reform Symposium

Tuesday, October 9

Waterloo Center for the Arts

Petersen Town Hall

8:00 AM - 3:00 PM



Thematic Aspects of These Events:


50 Years Since King:  Chaos or Community?


More to come!  Stay tuned.



For more information, you may call 319-504-0081 (or 319-291-4441, Director Funchess)