Mandatory minimum drug sentences are too long, too inflexible, too inhumane. We work with Dr. Harold Dean Trulear (Healing Communities USA) and Rev. Doug Walker (Tyer Temple UMC) to help redress these issues.
Jubilee UMC joins SDPC as it works to build a movement which aims to break the cycle of division, exclusion, racism and caste in the United States. It is a movement that seeks genuine freedom, justice, and compassion for all of us.
New Jerusalem Ministries has entered into formal partnership with Reverend Dr. Kenneth R. Adderley, President and Dean of Bethsaida Theological Institute. The Institute provides critical theological and religious training for interested community residents and aspiring students from the Cedar Valley and beyond. For more information, please call Vice President Thomas Butler at 319-504-8797, or connect with secretarial support at 319-504-0081.
Sexual and Domestic Violence is a critical problem in community which, when unaddressed and combined with other adverse childhood experiences, definitely devalues a woman's (as well as man's or child's) quality of life, and all too often leads to death. Connect with Lisa at AMANI COMMUNITY SERVICES INC., or call LOCAL CRISIS HOTLINE #: 319-363-2093.
Income disparities in our wealthy nation are now wider than at any point since the Great Depression. We believe it important to continue the revolutionary work of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and help eradicate poverty.
Jubilee UMC members created NEAMF and Jubilee UMC Resource Center has served as host site for the NEAMF over the last several years.
The great revolutionary King persistently advocated for the "least of these" in community. He continues to serve as role model for many of us, and we believe that you would enjoy this essay by Paul Brandeis Raushenbush as much as we did.